Scans of the complete text – (Scroll down on that page and you’ll find the link to this.) This is useful because it includes Book Three – I’m quite grateful that AEMMA made this available to the public.

Scans of books one and two – I think that this was the most widely distributed set of scans for a long time, but I tend to use the previous link now, since it is complete.

Translation of Books One and Two into English – great, readable translation by Jherek Swanger, the only defect is the lack of Book Three. This is the main source I work from.

Partial translation of Book OneWilliam Wilson‘s translation can be useful as a cross-reference, especially for those only interested in the fencing material.

Spreadsheet of all actions in the textReinier van Noort created a tremendously helpful resource that converts the dialog into a set of tables in a spreadsheet – very helpful for working through the actions.

NoVA-Assaulto – Steven Reich’s site for Bolognese Swordsmanship. He has many Dall’Agocchie-specific articles, as well. – Ilkka Hartikainen’s site for Bolognese Swordsmanship. He has many Dall’Agocchie-specific articles, as well, although he states that his interpretations tend to focus more on earlier Bolognese material.

Renaissance Fence – Richard Cullinan’s site for Bolognese Swordsmanship. His focus is primarily on earlier Bolognese material, but it’s still a great resource for those of us focused on Dall’Agocchie.

Order of the Seven Hearts Bolognese Page – a great resource with some useful documents and references.

Chicago Swordplay Guild Biographies – short biographies of the Bolognese masters. Dall’Agocchie is listed last.

Scherma Bolognese – a great general purpose Bolognese site – good forum, too, although not particularly active at this time.

Sword Forum International Historical European Swordsmanship subform – great place to discuss all European martial arts, including Dall’Agocchie.